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How to Combat the 3 Scariest Things About Planning Events

18 October 2017

Event planning can be a lot like maneuvering through a haunted house. There’s usually some level of anxiety involved initially, and often times you’re not quite sure what you’re walking into. Just like those creepy goblins and zombies that pop up from nowhere, event planning has its scaries. Unlike a haunted house, there are ways to predict what those scaries might be, prepare and play it off like the professional you are.

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How To Make Your Event Greener

16 October 2017

There are obvious benefits to becoming a pro-green event planner. Aside from great PR for you and the organizations you represent, there's the saving the world perk that is sure to give you the warm and fuzzies. Interested in going green at your next event? Great! But how? Here are a few simple tips and tricks to consider while planning.

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Explore the ATL District During Your Meeting Downtime

12 October 2017

Attending an event at the Georgia International Convention Center is the perfect opportunity to experience the charming urban life of the Atlanta Airport District. Rich with history and full of attractions, College Park, Union City, East Point and Hapeville, it can be hard to choose where to go when your meeting breaks! Here are seven ways to spend downtime in the district:

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The ATL SkyTrain: Making It Easy to Meet at the GICC

10 October 2017

Worried about transportation in Atlanta? The ATL SkyTrain makes it simple for you and attendees to go from airplane to meeting room. This elevated train at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport offers convenient transportation in and out of the airport. One five-minute ride gives guests unprecedented access to the world’s busiest airport, the state’s second largest convention center and a state-of-the-art rental car center. The best feature? It’s totally free. It loops 24 hours a day, arriving every three minutes during peak hours.

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3 Tips to Make Any Event Run Smoother

6 October 2017

There’s no doubt about it – planning an event is a stressful gig. From the RSVP list down to the napkins, it requires serious organization skills and constant attention to detail. Here are three tips to help you manage planning and ensure a successful event.

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What To Know About Live Streaming Your Event

2 October 2017

Live streaming, a social media trend that has grown exponentially in popularity, can be intimidating, but the benefits of real-time content are obvious. You can expand your event beyond the walls of your venue, increase the shelf life of your activities and messaging, grow global awareness and interact directly with fans. Here are a few live streaming tips that will help make your event as impactful and successful as possible.

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Effective Social Media Tips for Your Event

22 September 2017

In this highly virtual and social world, social media can not be ignored. Not only does it keep your attendees engaged and communicating with your efforts, but it also spreads your message beyond just your attendees. Encourage both your internal team and attendees to share event content – the net will grow to their friends, their network and entire industries.

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Preparing Your Event for Multi-Generational Attendees

18 September 2017

Today's workforce is a multigenerational mix, and it's vital to consider the variety of interests and learning styles they possess in order to engage them at your next event. How can you leverage both traditional and modern tools and technologies to plan a compelling event for all ages? Here are a few tips

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Exciting Atlanta Attractions Near The GICC

12 September 2017

The ATL Airport District is the ideal place for work and play. Invite your event attendees to enjoy a world-class convention center, just miles from the heart of Atlanta. Whether they’re awe-inspired by the area’s rich history or monkeying around at Zoo Atlanta, there’s a unique ATL adventure awaiting each of your attendees. Here are a few can’t-miss spots:

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6 Meeting Swag Bag Ideas that Won't Get Thrown Away

7 September 2017

Swag bags can be great investments for your events, but they require planning and budget. Unfortunately, there are many items that make it into swag bags that often times go unused (and even thrown in the trash). Here are a few questions to consider to ensure that doesn't happen with your swag:

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4 Budget-Friendly Event Planning Ideas

17 February 2017

Some events have bigger budgets than others. While most people believe that with unlimited funds you can potentially move mountains, it does not mean that events with smaller budgets are going to be less impactful and successful. Below are some ways to help you make a strong impression with a tight budget.

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Top 4 Tips for Avoiding Event Planning Mistakes

12 September 2016

Our job at The Georgia International Convention Center is to keep your event running as smoothly as possible while allowing your guests to have the time of their lives. You can prevent an event disaster and avoid the most common event planning mistakes by following the helpful tips below.

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4 Ideas to Keep Attendees Engaged During Your Event

26 July 2016

Your meeting or event is not a success without attendees who are both interested and focused on your sessions. Attendees' excitement and willingness to engage is one of the top factors in making your event worthwhile. Make sure your event is a success with these ideas to keep attendees engaged during your event.

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5 Things You Didn't Know about The GICC

7 May 2016

If you're in the market for a location for your next group event in Atlanta, you've found it. The Georgia International Convention Center is a special event space with a top-notch staff, easy accessibility and plenty of space to host your small board meeting or large convention and anything in between. Just how special is it? Keep reading to learn 5 new facts you didn't know about The GICC.

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5 One-of-a-Kind Events Held at The GICC in 2015

23 Feb 2016

The Georgia International Convention Center is host to a wide variety of events from national conferences to small board meetings and everything in between. Not only does the space decorate well for large exhibitions, but it also makes an excellent backdrop for movie sets and parties. Take a look back at all of the spectacular events held at The GICC in 2015:

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3 Trade Show Secrets for Success

12 April 2016

Trade shows can be exhausting, but with the right strategy they can also be extremely successful for your brand. Success depends largely on your preparation before the event including reaching out to attendees on social media, preparing an exclusive look at a new product or service and planning to host a session or show event. Want to know more? Keep reading to ensure your next trade show attendance is beneficial for the success of your company.

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