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6 Meeting Swag Bag Ideas that Won't Get Thrown Away

Swag bags can be great investments for your events, but they require planning and budget. Unfortunately, there are many items that make it into swag bags that often times go unused (and even thrown in the trash). Here are a few questions to consider to ensure that doesn’t happen with your swag: Is this useful to your guests? Has this been overdone? Is this sized appropriately and convenient to carry? Let your attendees leave with an unforgettable gift in the following swag bag ideas.

  1. Phone Charger:
    Pick a charger of a popular electronic device (i.e. iPhone). Your guests will be thanking you when their device hits one percent and their charger is in the hotel room. Added bonus: attendees will likely continue to use it afterward. How many times have you needed an extra charger?

  2. Reusable, branded water bottles:
    These might be a bit costly, but usually a worthy investment. This can be especially useful if your event falls in the heat of the summer. Consider placing refilling station around the venue so your attendees can stay hydrated.

  3. Branded t-shirt:
    You can never have too many t-shirts. Shirts that are unique to an annual event can even lead to becoming collectors' items!

  4. Seasonal or location-specific swag:
    Unique swag items may cost a little more, but they can exemplify your attention to detail and careful event preparation. Consider the location of your venue. Are you on a tropical island? If so, your guests might need sunglasses or flip-flops. Did many of your guests fly to your event? A travel pillow may be the best gift to ensure they relax on the flight home.

  5. Umbrella:
    Is there a chance it may rain during your event? Prepare your guests with a handy umbrella they can take home and keep as an extra in their purse or suitcase.

  6. Earbuds:
    Give your guests a chance to tune out after a long day, or use the earphones for an interactive presentation. Either way, guests are likely to continue using them long after the event concludes.

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